Nearly 50 monkeys are warehoused inside a windowless building at the University of Utah. While their wild counterparts engage in natural behaviors like foraging, swimming, and raising a family, monkeys at the U are often found spinning or rocking neurotically in their cages from boredom and isolation. Some will be used in experiments where their skull is cut open and an electrode is implanted in their brain. Millions of tax-payer dollars have been wasted torturing these primates, holding back more effective and ethical science. And if history repeats itself at the U, more monkeys may die from accidental injuries before an experiment is even finished. We’re saying no more - not in my name.


Sign the pledge to take a stand against animal cruelty at the University of Utah and demand the primate lab be shut down.

“I PLEDGE to cease all donations to the university until the U agrees to shut down its primate lab and send all remaining monkeys to sanctuaries, where they can live out the rest of their lives free from harm. Not in my name will the U continue to imprison, mutilate and kill primates.”

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