Ethical Science
Education Campaign

You don’t have to dissect animals to learn biology.

The Ethical Science Education Campaign (ESEC), a program of NEAVS, aims to end terminal labs and live animal demonstrations and training courses while promoting humane alternatives to specimen dissection.


Students and Parents

On the grounds of morality, ethics, conservation, and animal welfare, an increasing number of students prefer to opt out of animal dissection in the classroom.

U.S. Dissection Laws

In most states, schools have a legal obligation to recognize legitimate moral concerns regarding animal dissection and to offer alternative teaching and learning methods.

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Educators and Schools

Although animal dissection has been routinely practiced in K-12 biology classrooms for decades, educational attitudes, approaches, and technology have evolved greatly.   

Dissection Alternatives

Explore a wide variety of educational tools alternative to dissecting animals, including software, apps, films, diagrams, and physical models.