We take strong stances and create solutions that are better for animals and science. To find cures without cruelty, we act fast and without fear. Now’s our chance to make history.

We’re fighting for animals against a system funded by billions of dollars. We know how to win with your support. Here’s how we invest donations from supporters in ways that make the biggest difference.


We expose the worst abuses.

We uncover cruelty suffered by animals in labs so activists like you can call for swift change. This takes rigorous investigation from our researchers, help from brave whistleblowers, and bold legal action from our partner attorneys. See something we’ve uncovered.


We take a stand.

From Congress to a statehouse near you, we pound the pavement to cut funding for the pointless suffering of animals. While we oppose harmful policies in Washington, D.C., we need you in the streets. Join us in protesting the offenses of research institutions and demand change from our lawmakers. Meet some of our activists and become one yourself!


We embrace technology as a gamechanger.

We’re on the cusp of technological discoveries that will replace the use of animals in research for good. This promise fuels our partnerships with the brightest, most innovative minds in private companies and the government. Demand progress for alternatives to animal research.


We care for rescued animals.

Animal testing leaves scars. As we free animals from labs, we make sure they find kindness and compassion in sanctuaries. They deserve to live out the rest of their lives in peace. Read about one rescued animal and become a hero for countless others.


We advocate for alternatives to animal dissection in the classroom.

"I don't want to dissect a frog." We hear students say this a lot. If you're a student, parent, educator, or champion for animals and you have an interest in alternative teaching and learning methods, we have information for you. See the alternatives.