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On Wednesday, May 8, HSUSMSPCA, and NEAVS are asking animal advocates across the Commonwealth for a statewide call-in in support of the “Alternatives Bill” (H.823, S.505) to prevent the use of animal testing for products when effective alternatives are available and the “Beagle Bill” (H.758, H.764, S.534) to facilitate the adoption of dogs and cats after their use in research or testing has ended. 

MASSACHUSETTS RESIDENTS: Animals in labs need your voicePlease make two brief calls to your state representative and state senator to urge action on these bills.

When you call, you'll likely speak to a staff member or leave a voicemail. You can simply state your name and the town you live in, then say something like:

  • "As a constituent who cares about animal welfare, I’m asking you to support legislation to protect animals in labs. Known as the “Alternatives Bill,” House Bill 823 and Senate Bill 505 would promote effective alternatives to animal testing for cosmetics, household cleaners, and industrial chemicals. Known as the “Beagle Bill,” House Bills 758 and 764 and Senate Bill 534 would facilitate the adoption of dogs and cats retired from research or product testing. These bills have been referred to the Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Committee, and I’d like to speak with someone in the Representative’s/ Senator’s office about how we can help advance these bills.”