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Demand Progress for Animals and Alternatives: Support the FACT Act!

The FACT Act would require government agencies to provide a full accounting of all animals being used and describe the progress they are making with the use of alternatives to animal testing. They will no longer be able to hide snail’s pace progress behind vague updates and reports. 

End Testing on Dogs and Cats Now

Nestle/Purina is testing on innocent dogs and cats when there is no law requiring them to do so. Tell the decision makers at Nestle/Purina that this is unacceptable and they must end experimenting on loving pets immediately. Learn more.

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Tell the USDA to Stop Killing Kittens

Please ask the USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue to stop killing kittens as part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research. The kittens used in these experiments can be adopted to loving forever homes. With your help we'll stop this unnecessary slaughter and we won't quit until these kind of experiments no longer happen.


Demand Animal Welfare Transparency & Accountability at the USDA

By supporting the Animal Welfare Accountability and Transparency Act, you ensure that the USDA will make available information about animal abusers found to be in violation of the Animal Welfare Act. This information allows NEAVS and other organizations to expose and hold accountable those who abuse animals and the law. Learn more.