Fed up with the slow pace of progress to end cruel animal experiments in labs, we’re taking to the streets.

There’s only one thing strong enough to take on a billion-dollar industry that’s torturing animals and holding science back: You—and the thousands of people like you—who know we don't need to harm animals to discover cures for diseases.


Make History for Animals

Join a growing community of animal protectors. Our grassroots movement is made up of people across America building on historic momentum—

The next victory is up to you.

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On April 24, 2019, resolute supporters gathered in Gainesville, FL to protest a cruel nicotine experiment on monkeys. The protest garnered the attention of Florida television stations, passersby, and social media followers.

We won’t stop until this experiment is shut down.

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Meet a NEAVS Organizer

Amy Meyer.png

“Before I became a grassroots organizer...
Before I protested animal cruelty (and got arrested for it)...
I was the only vegetarian in Cody, Wyoming.”