Leaping Bunny: Cruelty-Free Products

Leaping Bunny Program

Did you know NEAVS is a founding member of the Leaping Bunny Program? In addition to having a special logo featuring a leaping bunny (pictured), the Leaping Bunny Program is your best resource for finding out if the products you use (and enjoy) are cruelty-free. For example, if you see the Leaping Bunny logo on a lip balm or shampoo, that means the company does not test on animals during any phase of product development.

Finding Leaping Bunny-Certified Products Is Easy

Visit to peruse cruelty-free companies or download the free app for your smartphone. If you would like pocket-sized guides for distribution, please contact us for copies...we'll happily snail mail you some!

Why Take the Leap and Go Cruelty-Free?!

The Leaping Bunny Program empowers consumers and helps convince companies to move towards more effective, non-animal testing methods that do not cause animals to suffer and die. With 1,000+ companies who are Leaping Bunny-certified, being a compassionate consumer has never been easier!