Did you know that some cat and dog food makers test their products on animals, even though no law requires them to do so?

It’s true. Purina, owned by Nestle, has nearly 1,400 dogs and cats at their research facility. The company reported to the USDA that they were housing 578 dogs and 820 cats in testing facilities in 2017.

And sometimes things go horrifically wrong.

In 2017, the company reported to the USDA that one of their cats, Tyson, was placed into a temporary holding/transport device while the room he normally shared with other cats was going through routine cleaning. However, when the other cats were placed back in their room, Tyson was left in the holding device.  

The report detailed how “…the large, dark gray holding/transport device was then sent to the enclosure wash … [and that] upon completion of the cleaning cycle, the cat was found deceased in the enclosure.”  

Nestle/Purina, through extreme negligence, allowed a cat to be killed in an industrial cleaner.

No law or regulation requires Nestle/Purina or any other dog and cat food brands to conduct cruel experiments. There are alternative approaches available to test the nutritional value of dog and cat food products, none of which lead to any cruelty.

Your voice is important. Take a moment to demand that Nestle/Purina stop testing their products on captive dogs and cats.