Support airlines’ “right to refuse” shipping animals to labs

Harming animals in medical tests often involves getting animals shipped to the U.S. from overseas. Until recently, that was often done on commercial aircraft, with the animals caged in the cargo section.

Thanks to many of you, this is becoming much less common. In fact, as of 2018, all but one of the commercial airlines refuse to ship animals to be harmed in medical tests. Air France is the only holdout.

It’s common sense for these airlines to refuse to ship animals in these situations. After all, shipping these animals puts passengers and airline personnel at risk for communicable zoonotic diseases.

As you can guess, animal experimenters don’t like that commercial airlines aren’t willing to do business with them anymore.  In fact, a group representing them called the National Association for Biological Research (NABR) recently filed a formal complaint with the Department of Transportation about this.

The complaint bizarrely singles out four airlines (United, China Southern, British Airways, and Qatar Airways) and accuses them of “discrimination” for not agreeing to do these animal shipments.

NEAVS to DOT: Please dismiss the NABR Complaint
Today, on behalf of all NEAVS supporters, we wrote the Department of Transportation urging them to dismiss this complaint.

Please tell the Dept. of Transportation to dismiss this complaint
The Department of Transportation wants to know what you think, and in two clicks you can submit your comment, which will help show the Department of Transportation that the public supports these airlines’ right to refuse to ship animals for medical tests.

Even just a one sentence complaint is enough. For example:

  • “Airlines shouldn’t have to ship animals off to labs. Dismiss this complaint”

Your comment can save untold animals from torture and trauma in labs. Please urge the Department to dismiss NABR’s complaint. Thank you.