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NEAVS Copyright Policy

NEAVS supporters and friends are invited to distribute and reprint any of the information we provide on anti-vivisection issues. We require only that the information be used in its entirety and that NEAVS is properly credited as the information source.

For permission to excerpt any of NEAVS' materials, please contact:

Communications Department
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Please specify URL, briefly describe the material you would like permission to reproduce, and indicate where and how it would be used.

Only with written permission from NEAVS, may you reproduce photos copyrighted to NEAVS solely for your own personal or educational use provided that you include a credit in each instance (photo: NEAVS, etc.), that their use is consistent with that of NEAVS, and that they are not used in the context of any strategies that are illegal or advocate violence. Any other use (such as using materials for personal or corporate gain) is prohibited.

NEAVS does not have authority to give permission to reproduce any materials or photos on neavs.org that are copyrighted by other persons or organizations, or any materials on a linked site.

Fair Use Notice: These documents may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owners.

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