We’re on a mission
to save animals
from suffering.


Just a few months old, a hungry kitten eats some food. The food is poisoned. With each bite, toxins enter the kitten’s small body. Staff at the USDA lab watch and wait. This is their plan — to use kittens as test tubes.

And it gets worse.

Two weeks later, after they’ve collected a stool sample, the USDA kills and incinerates the kitten. Just like they’ve done 3,000 times before.

We know there’s a better way. And we believe facts matter. Evidence shows more than 9 out of 10 drugs that work on animals fail in human trials. They’re useless or dangerous. People just don’t have the same genetics as our dogs, cats, mice, or rabbits. Yet every year, $15 billion of our tax dollars go to experiments on animals that are cruel and wasteful.

Imagine the enormous good we can do if we invest in better science and cures without cruelty.

We fight on the frontlines.

Giving you the facts about the worst animal abuses and how we’re ending animal testing once and for all.

We shine a light in the dark.

Creating a better world through truth and the power of our collective action.

We’re ahead of our time.
We have been since 1895.

“A force to be reckoned with.”
That’s what the Boston Evening Transcript called the NEAVS team nearly a century ago.
Today, your support makes us fearless.

Of all the threats to animals,
this one’s solvable.

Based in one of the world’s largest medical hubs,
NEAVS knows ending animal testing requires new technologies to replace the use of animals in science.

Talented, strong, and changing the world — we’re making history for animals and science.