Through rigorous investigations, NEAVS has created a body of evidence on why chimpanzee and other animal research must end. National media, advocacy groups and animal organizations to name a few, frequently quote from our data that is based on expert scientific and behavioral research. Our papers focus on major human killer-diseases and the psychological harm inflicted on chimpanzees in labs. These peer-reviewed studies dispute rhetoric with clear facts—for example, the decline of hepatitis C research involving chimpanzees by almost 70% over the last 20 years to a historic low, whereas human-based hepatitis C research has increased 80 times over. While scientists who profit from animal use continue to try to claim that animal use is necessary and productive, our research challenges these claims as unfounded. Animal research and testing has failed in areas such as toxicity safety and vaccine development. It is unreliable and not predictive when applied to humans. Through this work , NEAVS fights the rhetoric of those who profit from animal use with the reality of what science itself shows.

Science Papers