Anita Robertson: NEAVS Corporate Clerk

Anita Robertson

Anita Robertson is a nonprofit management and development expert with more than 30 years of experience. She founded The Grants Goddess, Inc. consultancy in 2000. Her experience ranges from instituting a new business model at a childcare center that was deeply in debt, to managing $22 million in grants and contracts for Catholic Charities of Boston. She has helped dozens of organizations establish, expand, or improve their programs and infrastructure with private and public grant funding. Anita served as Interim Director of Development & Member Services for NEAVS in 2014. 

A member of NEAVS for more than a decade, Ms. Robertson comments on why she came to be a NEAVS board member:

“When I learned about NEAVS I was so impressed by the mission and how NEAVS goes about accomplishing it. As a development professional, NEAVS has earned its place as my #1 charity because supporting NEAVS is the best investment I can make in saving animals' lives. I truly believe this is where my dollars can make the greatest impact.”