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Sarah Luick, Esq.

Corporate Clerk & Interim Treasurer

Sarah Luick, Esq.

Attorney Sarah Luick is administrative law judge in Massachusetts state government. She is a founding member and current chair of the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) and has served as a Massachusetts Animal Coalition (MAC) board member and officer since 2001. She has served as MAC liaison to the PILOT task force a program that enables animal welfare organizations to work together to transfer dogs between organizations that are in need of placement. Hundreds of dogs who could not be placed through one shelter or group are finding forever homes through other participating PILOT organizations.

Luick also serves on the board of Citizens to End Animal Suffering and Exploitation (CEASE), an animal protection organization established some 30 years ago in Boston. She was instrumental in the formation of and is currently a part of the Animal Law Practice Group of the Massachusetts Bar Association. She has served as a judge in the national animal law moot court competition, a mock court where hypothetical cases are tried for the training of law students interested in animal law. Atty. Luick is active on both the local and national level and has played a major role in bringing the field of animal law forward. Her experience with not-for-profit law, financial investment, animal law, and state administrative law have all contributed to her vast expertise.

A member of NEAVS since high school, Luick comments on her journey to question the way she was living and how she came to be on NEAVS' Board of Directors:

By the time I reached high school, as a member of NEAVS and the World Society for the Protection of Animals, I witnessed evidence of animal abuse all over the world. From cultural exploitations such as bull fighting to overall societal neglect and maltreatment, I had a hard time dealing with how the world could be like it was.”